Claiming on Donations: Charities

We've been spreading the good word about how you can claim a tax credit on your donations, and we understand it's confusing to know exactly if the donations you've made qualify.

To that end, we've put together this information on some of the sectors in the New Zealand Charities Register, to help you get a feel for which donations to charities you can claim on.

International Activities

World Vision New Zealand was established in 1970 and works to improve the lives of children and families in the developing world through sustainable, community-based initiatives. The majority of the donations they receive is put towards their International Programme Support, which has allowed them to complete 268 projects in 32 countries.

New Zealand Red Cross has over 10,000 volunteers, 5,000 members, 90 branches and groups and 480 staff, all with the common goal of improving the lives of vulnerable people in our local communities and overseas. As a result of your monetary contributions, New Zealand Red Cross have been able to provide 664,182 meals and support 848 refugees in the last year.

Community Development

Tearfund NZ (originally named The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund), was established in 1975 with the belief that 5 causes (protect, sponsor, restore, empower, nourish) will guide them in aiding those most in need. Donations from Kiwis have led to 35,000 children being sponsored from all around the world and supporting partners implementing projects in over 28 countries.

Oxfam New Zealand is a non-profit organisation dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice. Over the last 5 years, Oxfam have committed themselves to spending 75 percent of all fund raising on humanitarian relief, long-term development and campaigns. This has given them the ability to work with people and communities in 94 countries to tackle the root causes of poverty and respond to emergencies.


Family Life International has been around since 1992 and dedicates themselves to educating, advocating and carrying out practical work in support of life, faith and family. Their sole source of income is donations, which goes directly towards their Crisis Pregnancy Centres, post-abortion counselling, education programmes, and advocacy in the New Zealand media.

The University of Waikato, like all other tertiary institutions, are trusted with the task of training and educating the future of our country. Donations have resulted in their contribution to the economy of the Waikato region through job creation and flow-on revenue, and the enhancement of student learning.

Social Services

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) came to New Zealand in 2007 with the idea that their services will lead to more Kiwi families experiencing life free of debt. Your donations have helped CAP New Zealand provide free help through CAP's Debt Help service, CAP Money courses, and CAP Job Clubs.

Hagar New Zealand is based in Christchurch and has two main purposes: Being a fundraising support office for their work in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam, and raising awareness on human trafficking and slavery in New Zealand. Contributions help Hagar supply things such as books and material, counselling, and training programmes.

Religious Activities

The Salvation Army helps people in need through a variety of community programmes. Funds go to support their social service programmes, which support more than 100,000 people in New Zealand every year. For example, The Salvation Army provides temporary accommodation and disaster relief, as well as supportive services like budgeting, counselling, addiction services and parenting help.

While the New Zealand Association of Jehovah's Witnesses are probably best known for door-to-door methods in order to spread their religious message, they also spend a lot of their time helping others in need. Funds received through donations enable them to assist the less fortunate from all around the world, lending a hand with things such as disaster relief and anti-bullying campaigns.

If you've made a donation to a charity that isn't mentioned above, don't worry because there are many more organisations that meet the criteria for a tax credit. For more information on claiming on your donations, check out our donations page, call 0800 03 04 05, chat to one of our tax experts on live chat, or submit your query using our contact page.