The Impact of Zero Hour Contracts on Tax Returns

As a company which prides itself on fairness and sustainability, we welcome the announcement by Restaurant Brands that zero-hour contracts are becoming a thing of the past - and will no longer be offered to employees. We estimate that every year, several of our customers who have greatly overpaid their tax are on zero-hour contracts, due to irregular income.

This is one reason among many contributing to the hundreds of thousands of Kiwis who are paying too much tax on their income. Other common causes include the incorrect use of tax code, change of circumstances, international travel or a change in family situation.

With tax season now open and refund payday quickly approaching, we highly recommend that you apply for your 2015 tax refund, so we can get it back in your pocket as soon as possible. If any of the above applies, you might just have a very healthy WooHoo waiting.

Checking whether you are eligible for a tax refund is easy – head over here to get started and within 60 seconds, see what your refund amount is. WooHoo!