What being Consumer Trusted means to us

WooHoo! We received a special mention in Consumer NZ's article for Stuff, on trust in the service industries - so we felt it was befitting to talk about what being Consumer Trusted means for us at WooHoo.

As Consumer NZ points out in their article, "Our research showed Consumer NZ had a high level of trust, but retailers and service providers? Not so much. The Consumer Trusted programme was born out of the premise that by recognising businesses consumers could trust to do right by them, it would lift the game of all businesses."

The Consumer Trusted Accreditation Programme is being increasingly seen as a key indicator of the best service providers in the marketplace. We're extremely glad to be one of them at such an early stage of the programme launch. Alongside other pack leaders such as Powershop, 2 Degrees, Shoe Clinic and Resene, through this award, WooHoo is acknowledged as a company that provides the utmost level of quality service to customers.

The Consumer Trusted Accreditation is a testimony to years of carefully crafted and personalised  customer care. Transparency, clarity and the human touch are all key aspects of what we do, as we endeavor to provide those WooHoo moments that have  become iconic of the tax refund process.

At WooHoo, we wear our Consumer Trusted badge proud, whilst supporting a programme dedicated to finding companies that truly benefit consumers. To find out more about this programme, read the full article here on Stuff.co.nz.