When Will You Get Your 2015 WooHoo?

The 2015 tax refund season is here, a time when the questions "When can I apply for my tax refund?" and "When will I receive my tax refund?" are frequently heard. With this in mind, we have put together a tax refund timeline, so that you are fully aware of when tax refunds are paid, when you should apply, and the ways in which our tax experts get your refund to you faster than any other tax company.

The 2015 Tax Timeline

When tax season opens, the first step is to confirm your details and 2015 WooHoo with us. You can do this on our website, by calling us on 0800 03 04 05 or by downloading our mobile app - which comes with a nice and low fee of 14%. By confirming with us now, we can ensure this year's refund can be processed and returned to your wallet as soon as possible.

Around the end of May we can begin estimating all of the 2015 tax refunds for our customers – some refunds can even be estimated now. There's no risk associated with checking and if there's no refund you will not be charged a fee. We've found that around 93% of our customers usually have a WooHoo waiting for them – so those are pretty good odds.

Typically during mid June the IRD starts to release the refunds. This is when we start paying your refund to you – WooHoo! We're proud to say we have been the fastest paying tax company for six consecutive years, so if you're keen to join the hundreds of thousands of Kiwis who use WooHoo, get started today.