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Here's a list of our customer documents that we may ask you to fill out, these will need to be printed, filled out, and then emailed to

WooHoo Account Forms

Prefer not to use our online application? Download and print out the application form below and then post or email it to us.

Download PDF

If you don't have an NZ driver licence or NZ passport then you'll need to take a copy of your photo ID and fill out this auth form and include it.

Download PDF

If you would like to nominate a representative to speak to us on your behalf then please download this form, fill it out, and send it back to us. You'll need to get your nominated representative to sign as well.

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Do you receive Working for Families? Let us know your partner and children's information and we'll make sure you get anything that you're entitled to!

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Dealing with the financial situation of a lost loved one can be very stressful. We can take care of their tax obligations, leaving you to spend more time with your family.

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To download these PDFs, right click the download button and select "Save as...", otherwise simply click the button and it will open in a new tab.

WooHoo Tax Return (IR3) Forms

If you have a rental property, or properties, then you'll need to fill out one of these forms for each property. It allows you to list all your assets and expenses, and let's us work out exactly what your situation is, so we can file your tax return efficiently.

If you run a Bed and Breakfast and you've asked us to file your tax return we'll need this form completed for each property that you use to earn income for your Bed and Breakfast.

Download PDF

If you're self-employed and we're going to file a tax return (IR3) on your behalf, then we'll need some more information before we're able to file. Download and fill out the forms below and email them back to us at

If you've indicated during your application that you have other types of income other than wages or salary, then we'll need to know a little more to verify your tax requirements before we file.

Download PDF

These files are for our tax return team, they are required to be filled out for customers with more complex needs, and are just used for information gathering.

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