How it works

It may seem like it's easy to claim your tax refund, but there's a lot of work that goes on in the background, most of which is handled by our hardworking, friendly support team.

Step 1: Signing up

The first step is signing up, we have an easy to fill out online application, which should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Make sure you have these items ready!

  • IRD number
  • Photo ID
  • NZ bank account
  • 5-10 minutes

Step 2: Collecting your information

In most cases this step is skipped altogether. However, some people have more complicated tax circumstances. This simply means we reach out to get all our ducks in a row before filing their PTS or tax return.

Usually this is due to

  • Incomplete family information
  • Travel details, typically just departure and arrival dates
  • Any gaps in your earnings, which are held at IRD
  • Tax return (IR3) required to file

Step 3: Processing

Once we've collected and double-checked everything we submit your Personal Tax Summary (PTS) to IRD. They verify everything and send us acknowledgement if it all checks out. We then send you a notification to let you know your tax refund is on its way.

Note: When we've finished calculating your tax refund our systems checks that you're eligible for a refund. In some cases submitting your PTS would cause a debt. If this occurs we don't submit your PTS and the debt isn't created.

Step 4: We pay your refund to you

This step, of course, is by far the most important one! Once we've filed your PTS with IRD and everything is checked out at their end they release your tax refund.

The entire amount is directly transfered into our trust account and our fees are deducted. The rest of your tax refund is paid directly into your bank account (or sent by a cheque, if you don't have a bank account in our system). Usually everyone gets their refunds the next day, with some lucky BNZ customers getting it straight away!

The only thing left to do at this point is to go spend (or save!) your refund, to sit back and relax, and wait till the next tax year to roll around. Then the fun begins all over again. WooHoo!