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50,000 tax returns filed
Over 50,000 Returns Filed
Extended Filing Time
Extended Filing Date
Account Managers
Account Managers

What can we do for professionals and consultants?

Tax Return Calculation & Filing

We can file your annual tax return on your behalf, all we need is a few basic details about your income. We also undertake a proper in-depth tax calculation, based on your circumstances. This way you get everything you're entitled to.

Dedicated Account Manager

Don't repeat yourself! Each of our tax return customers have a specifically assigned account manager, making communication a breeze.

Extended Filing Deadline

By signing up with us, your annual filing deadline will change from 7 July to 31 March the following year, giving you more time to collect the information you need.

Expenses Claimed

We're experts on claiming expenses, we can guide you to provide all the necessary receipts and documents to get the most out of claiming on your work-related purchases and expenses.

Claiming Expenses

Claiming Expenses

Here are some examples of the types of things you can, and can't, claim as work-related expenses.

  • Safety equipment
  • Fuel used to travel during work
  • Tools or accessories purchased for work
  • Mobile phone costs relating to work
  • Fuel used to travel to work
  • Breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Hanging onto all those pesky receipts can be a pain, follow these tips to make claiming easier.

  • Keep your fuel receipts in a spare wallet in your vehicle
  • Take photos of important receipts with your phone
  • Combine your receipts each month in a single PDF
  • Consider using a spreadsheet for tracking purchases
  • Upload your monthly receipts into your WooHoo account
  • Unsure if you can claim on something? Ask us!

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Our Most Common Questions

There's often a lot of confusion around what can, and can't, be claimed as a work expense. The general rule of thumb is "Would you need to purchase this item if you weren't working?" If the answer is yes, then it's not something you can claim on.

For example – You'll need to purchase food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day regardless of whether it's eaten during work. Inversely, you may not have needed to buy that nice suit, or those work boots, if you weren't working.

If the items you're purchasing are required for you to do your job effectively then there's a good chance they are are eligible to be claimed as a work expense.

Individual Tax Returns (IR3s) are due on 7 July each year. Unless you have an extension of time to file (EOT), which you may be eligible for simply by joining up with us. WooHoo!

The requirements to be eligible for an EOT are:

  • You haven't filed your returns late in the previous year
  • You are linked to an authorised tax agent

We're an authorised tax agent, so if you haven't filed late, and you're one of our customers, you'll automatically receive the extension of time, giving you until 31 March the following year to have your tax return filed.

If you're self-employed or earning scheduler income and earning over $60,000 per annum then you're required to register for Good and Services Tax (GST). This means you'll be able to start charging GST on your invoices, and claiming GST on your expenses.

GST registration comes with tax-related obligations and scheduled payments to IRD instead of the typical yearly square-up. We have many GST registered customers and can assist with registration and helping you get on top of your new obligations.

If you're unsure about whether or not you need to be GST registered then speak us on LiveChat, or email our tax return team directly.

Filing your Individual Tax Return has the potential to generate a tax debt for you to pay, as you typically haven't been paying tax when you receive income. If you haven't been putting that tax aside then it can come as quite a nasty surprise at the end of the year.

If you do have a debt with IRD, then we can assist in arranging for you to repay your debt, and in some cases having the debt written off. Simply speak to us on LiveChat or email our tax return team directly to discuss your individual circumstances.


"Made it so easy. I would never of known how to do it. Thank you"

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Which packages are available?

There are two packages available that meet the needs of most contract workers. We recommend the Standard Package for our customer who intend to claim any work-related expenses.

Lite Tax Return Package

Lite Package

$100incl. gst

Suitable for anyone working for themselves, earning schedular or untaxed income, and not intending to claim on work-related expenses.

  • Tax Return Filing
  • Tax Calculation
  • Extended Filing Deadline
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Expenses Claimed
Standard Tax Return Package

Standard Package

$250incl. gst

Suitable for anyone working for themselves, earning schedular or untaxed income, and looking to claim on work-related expenses.

  • Tax Return Filing
  • Tax Calculation
  • Extended Filing Deadline
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Expenses Claimed

Ready to get your tax return sorted?

Important Tax Dates

Important Tax Dates

1 April

Start of each new tax year (or financial year)

7 July

Tax return filing deadline

31 March

Extended filing deadline

31 March

End of each tax year (or financial year)